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After 23 years of manufacturing red rubber stamps, we have made the difficult decision to change the focus and direction of Impression Obsession. We have a catalog of over 20,000 images and the logistics related to producing orders every day that include hundreds of different designs have made it impossible to continue in a cost-effective way. All of our costs have risen and there have been many supply chain issues that have led to this change.

We will be releasing some limited edition red rubber stamps each month and we will keep our Cover-a-Card background stamps and slimline stamps. It is the end of an era for us and while it was a very hard decision, we are excited about what the future will bring in clear stamps, dies, and exciting new products that we know you will love! April will be our last month manufacturing our red rubber stamps as we have in the past. On April 30, they were taken off of our site. We are inundated with orders and our ship times are long and that will be true for the weeks ahead. Please have patience if your orders take longer than normal, there are only a few people creating all of these stamps one by one.

Thank you all for the years of enthusiasm and love for our products, we look forward to many more! Stay tuned, within the next few months we will be back releasing brand-new products. Meanwhile, red rubber is not over! We have introduced our Limited Edition Red Rubber Cling Kits which are available for one month only on our site and which come in a storage case with an idea sheet enclosed.